St. John’s harvesting – Salvia sclarea L. and Hypericum perforatum L.

Salvia sclarea L. – in full bloom

St. John’s day, this year a flower day (the Moon is in Aquarius): perfect for the harvesting of the flowering tops of the plants that are in bloom now. In particular, the majestic and strongly-scented Clary Sage and the King of these days, St. John’s wort.

A St. John’s wort field

Clary Sage was reputed able to strengthen both the physical and the “inner” vision, so that in Italian it was called “occhio chiaro” (“clear eye”). The mucilage contained in its seeds was employed to remove foreign particles from the eyes. Its strong and intoxicating odor makes it an euphorizing herb.
St. John’s wort was known in the past for being able to drive out demons. Nowaday, we know that it is endowed with a good antidepressant action, and also  a regenerating and anti-inflammatory action on the nervous tissues (it can be used in case of neuralgia and neuritis).

The Mediterranean Traditional Energetic Theory

In order to understand the plant actions in the view of the traditional medicines, we have first to look closely at the philosophies and models that underly such traditions. Modern medicine is based upon the current concepts of anatomy, physiology and pathology; all the traditional medicines, instead, are based upon models that differ somewhat from the current ones, being usually mostly analogic and “energetic” (that is, functional) rather than analytical and biochemical.

Often and often, we hear about Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines, the most important traditional medicines of the Asian continent. Less known today, but of uttermost importance from a historical point of view, it’s the Hippocratic-Galenic model of medicine (called this way from the names of the two most important scholars of the related school of thought), another “energetic” medicine that was born and established in the Mediterranean basin.

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The “Sense” of Plants


I am within my body, enveloped by the thin and strong, comfortable, involucre of my skin, aware of my being here and now. I feel the silence that is without and within me, a silence that is not lack of sounds, but is attention, awareness, presence… I sense the beats of my heart, the slow and rhythmic sound of my own breath, of the air that comes into and goes out of me; I perceive the birds’ song and the insects’ humming, the rustling of the wind and the muffled noises in the distance.



My feet touch the Earth, the firm and hospitable Earth that sustains me, moist, teeming with life in all his forms and dimensions. And I feel and welcome the presence, all round me, of the many beings that share my same place on this Earth, Mother of many. And I feel the indistinct presence, in constant and chaotic motion, of the invisible bacteria, of the microscopic fungi, of the tiny and large insects that tireless carry on their work weaving relationships: relationships among flowers that, by means of the pollen, touch and fecundate themselves from a distance, perpetuating and renewing the miracle of life in the vegetal world; relations among the insects themselves that share the same place, at the same time in competition and collaboration, making every time actual the dynamic equilibrium of compresence. I feel the fraternal and reassuring presence of herbs and trees, silent fellow creatures that, with their same existence, make the Earth livable for Men and Animals: they transform the air and make it breathable, removing the exhausted part of our breath and turning it into food; they hold the water and vaporize it so that both the ground and the air are able to teem with life; they are our food and medicine since time immemorial.

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The Art of Healing

Healing is a subtle Art, since it must be effective upon all the human levels: surely the physycal one, but also those mental, emotional and deep psychological (our “core“, the level we often call “spiritual”). Within these levels, the memories of all our personal experiences and of all our metabolic, functional, experiential and relational history are kept. Our thoughts and emotions, all of our personal traumas and also the traumas we inherited from our ancestors (as epigenetics teach us) are indelibly recorded as tracks on the “tissue” our being is made of.

When the body gets ill, in order to achieve true healing, we have to remove all the blockages, to fill in all the voids and to resolve all the excesses, so that the vital energy (or, if we prefer, the dynamic functional intelligence of our body) can return to move freely, without obstacles, deviations or compensations. This way, all that was broken slowly starts to repair itself, thanks to the innate self-healing powers that inhabit our body (the Ippocratic Vis medicatrix naturae) and the whole our being becomes fully functional again, in perfect integrity and “self-governance”.

In tasting fresh herbs

In tasting fresh herbs, you can get a better understanding of quality: not just the flavor, but the inherent quality. “When you taste you assimilate it, and you can start to get knowledge of the herb. And you just don’t get that as much from dried herbs. You have to really chew on them!”. The more you understand the herb, the easier it is to know how to apply them.
(from “The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm“, by Peg Schafer)

Green Alliance

Today, March 21st, 2019, is the first day of Spring in the Realm of Nature. The Sun has just entered the sign of Aries and the Moon, full at 2:45 AM and at perigee (reason why it’s called a Supermoon), is in the sign of Virgo.

It’s a day of rebirth in which all Nature celebrates the reawakening to life after the Winter period spent in the dark and in the concealment. It’s the time of impetus, of the push to movement; it’s the moment when the life cycle starts again.

The plant sprouts, waking up, pierce the surface of the Earth as if they were little swords. This, so to say, green allusion to the metallic swords is bivalent. On one side, the swords are mythologically related to Mars, god of war, but also of youthness and impetus, from which the month of March gets its name (Martius mensis, in Latin, Mars’ month). On the other side, swords are made of Iron, a metal that is martial (again) in nature and that we can find, organicated, in our blood, as the metallic core of hemoglobin, a protein that has the task of transporting oxygen, a substance that “pushes” us to both external and internal (metabolism) movement and that allows us more generally to move toward a place or with a purpose. We can say that are able to move in the direction of our Divine Purpose of our life only thanks to Iron.

The planet Mars is the Lord of the sign of Aries that starts this month, and the first ten days of the sign belong to the Red Planet.

On this day, so replete of signs and significance, Alleanza Verde (Green Alliance) is born: it is a portal dedicated to the Alliance between the Race of Man and the Green People, made up of the countless vegetal beings, an alliance stipulated millions of years ago, when our very first human ancestors appeared on the Earth.

Plants are our travel companions. They prepared a house for us well before we began dwelling this world. We can say without a doubt that mankind co-evolved with them and so our bodies profoundly “know” what plants are, and profoundly know their being food and medicine since time immemorial.