The Art of Healing

Healing is a subtle Art, since it must be effective upon all the human levels: surely the physycal one, but also those mental, emotional and deep psychological (our “core“, the level we often call “spiritual”). Within these levels, the memories of all our personal experiences and of all our metabolic, functional, experiential and relational history are kept. Our thoughts and emotions, all of our personal traumas and also the traumas we inherited from our ancestors (as epigenetics teach us) are indelibly recorded as tracks on the “tissue” our being is made of.

When the body gets ill, in order to achieve true healing, we have to remove all the blockages, to fill in all the voids and to resolve all the excesses, so that the vital energy (or, if we prefer, the dynamic functional intelligence of our body) can return to move freely, without obstacles, deviations or compensations. This way, all that was broken slowly starts to repair itself, thanks to the innate self-healing powers that inhabit our body (the Ippocratic Vis medicatrix naturae) and the whole our being becomes fully functional again, in perfect integrity and “self-governance”.

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